3 weeks already

September 13, 2009 at 5:08 pm (Uncategorized)

So Maddie is officially three weeks old already. Where has the time gone? Most of our days go like this, get up, change baby, feed baby, baby naps,change baby, feed baby, baby naps and so on until it is time for bed at night. We have been pretty lucky. Maddie has been sleeping anywhere from 4 to 7 hours a night. It falls at weird times but we will take all the rest we can get at night. We had our two week doctor’s appointment this past Wednesday. It was really nice our doctor’s office and our insurance offers a home visit for this first appointment. It was nice to not have to lug all her stuff to the doctor’s office. The doc said she is growing perfectly. She grew a whole inch and gained just over a pound since we brought her home. She is now a whopping 8 whole pounds and 21.5 inches long. She is always eager to eat, so we know she will just continue to grow, which is good stuff. I have included some new¬†picts of our precious one. We just can’t get enough of her. She is fantastic and sweet and a very good little lady!


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