One striped wall…

August 6, 2009 at 2:53 pm (Uncategorized)

Eric and I learned something very important a few weeks back when I had this hair-brained idea to put vertical stripes in the nursery. When we moved in the room was the dark green color, which I totally loved because green is my favorite color. I wanted to add a little interest to the walls by adding vertical stripes on the wall with the crib. So I chose a lighter green color. We left three walls the dark green, painted one the light green and added stripes of the light green to one dark green wall.

Eric and I painstakingly measured the walls and used a laser level to put down the stripes in painter’s tape. We were extremely proud of ourselves and where ready to paint the stripes. After the coverage was completed we excitedly removed the tape and much to our dismay we learned our valuable house decorating tip for the month. PAINTER’S TAPE DOES NOT KEEP THE PAINT FROM SEEPING THROUGH ON A TEXTURED WALL! So needless to stay for the next three nights, I used a small art brush and went back over each edge of each line to fill in the spots and to straighten out the lines. It took about 6 hours. 

All I have to say is thank God I didn’t have the idea to paint stripes on all 4 walls. I think Eric might have killed me! All we have left to do in the nursery is add our wall hangings and then add baby.

We’re going for our 37.5 week appointment tonight, so hopefully we will find out that everything is continuing to progress and baby will be here happy and healthy in the next two weeks or so!

ks or so!


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